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Just saw a post comparing what Joh said about the cabbie not being a good person and Mary saying that people like CAM should be killed as if it were the same thing...



I’ve seen posts like that, too, and really any attempt to morally equate these instances is ridiculous.

Like, okay, let’s talk about three characters who have shot someone: John, Mary, and Sherlock.

John first. He had his gun with him because Sherlock was working on a case involving a serial killer, and then John got kidnapped by someone he didn’t know at the time was NOT a villain, and then Sherlock hinted that they might be doing something dangerous. And then John finds Sherlock in a room with the serial killer who has killed four people and is attempting to kill Sherlock and John shoots him. It’s textually stated in the script that Sherlock doesn’t think John would be convicted for his actions.

Now Mary. She got caught doing something illegal while trying to hide her unsavory past and then shot an innocent man who was offering to help her because she was afraid of him outing her secret, which would force her to deal with unpleasant consequences. She then threatened this man in the hospital, then pursued him to his hiding place after he fled, where she threatened him again because she prefers killing an innocent person to having her husband find out she’s an assassin. She herself states that the stuff in her past is enough to get her imprisoned for life.

And last, Sherlock. He made a spontaneous choice to kill an unarmed man for the sake of John’s well-being, while accepting the fact that he himself was committing a heinous crime that would result severe consequences such as imprisonment or death, and he was prepared to accept these consequences for someone else’s sake.

IMO: John isn’t a murderer and is the least morally culpable of the three. Sherlock IS a murderer but was motivated by selfless reasons and was fully willing to accept the consequences for his choice. Mary is a murderer who is willing to murder for the sake of self-preservation, without thought for anyone else, and she is determined to avoid consequences by any means necessary.

These three situations cannot be equated unless a person’s entire overly simplistic criteria for comparison is “someone pulled a trigger and the bullet went into someone else.”

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Always thought that John's worry over Sherlock's name being smeared by the media in TRF was due to basic empathy, but just realized there's more to it-- He's seen it done before, with another good friend who was destroyed by the media, who became a complete recluse, whose only interaction with people now are getting death threats from them. He knows someone who has never recovered from being publicly torn to shreds the way like that, and doesn't want to see it happen again.



if they were portraying a love story between mary and john from the beginning of s3 then they wouldn’t have had sherlock interrupt john’s proposal or have sherlock be the only one in focus with his hand on john’s face after pulling him from the bonfire or have the entire wedding episode be about john and sherlock with them as the centerpiece at the table during the reception or maybe even you know SHOWED THE ACUAL WEDDING?? and let’s not forget the stag night that consisted of only the pair of them or the fact that they were openly showing signs of attraction/flirting and john’s whole falling to his knees and groping sherlock’s knee/lower thigh or maybe they should have shown an actual forgiveness scene between john and mary instead of a scene where john literally shows anger, disgust, and hatred on his face or how about having a different ending instead of them saying goodbye and sherlock having watery eyes and them basically holding hands for 100 frames before letting go but yeah you’re right john and mary are in love and are gonna live happily ever after lmao


As if three years haven’t passed.


BROTP alert.


Rape is the only crime on the books for which arguing that the temptation to commit it was too clear and obvious to resist is treated as a defence. For every other crime, we call that a confession.





okay but a johnlock/the proposal au

sherlock is sandra bullock 



well yeah and john is ryan reynolds

*patiently waits for someone to write this*

I’ll be waiting as well.



Supernatural Dramatic Zooms: A Comprehensive History

the pie wins

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It’s always a good time when John and the Holmes boys get together at 221B.


And these are the men making decisions in women’s health. Fantastic.

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